Tutorial: Post Meta

Post Meta

Table of Contents

Source post meta

  • dt_unlinked Whether this post is linked to the original version. For the original post this is set to true.

Network connections

  • dt_connection_map

Distributed post meta

  • dt_original_post_id
  • dt_original_media_url
  • dt_original_media_id
  • dt_original_source_id
  • dt_original_post_deleted
  • dt_original_post_parent
  • dt_original_site_name
  • dt_original_site_url
  • dt_original_post_url
  • dt_original_deleted Whether the original post has been deleted.
  • dt_unlinked Whether this post is linked to the original version.
  • dt_original_file_path Only saved if filter dt_process_media_save_source_file_path is used.
  • dt_syndicate_time

Connects a Source Post to a Subscription

  • dt_subscriptions
  • dt_subscription_update

Network connections

  • dt_original_blog_id

External connections

  • dt_full_connection

Distributed post meta

For non-public dt_subscription post type.

  • dt_subscription_remote_post_id
  • dt_subscription_signature
  • dt_subscription_remote_post_id
  • dt_subscription_target_url
  • dt_subscription_post_id

Connections post type post meta

External connections

  • dt_sync_log
  • dt_external_connection_type
  • dt_external_connection_allowed_roles
  • dt_external_connection_check_time
  • dt_external_connection_url
  • dt_external_connection_auth
  • dt_external_connections Stores what we can do with a given external connection (push or pull).