Filter: classifai_pre_render_post_audio_controls

apply_filters( 'classifai_pre_render_post_audio_controls', $markup, $content, $_post, $audio_attachment_id, $audio_attachment_url ) → {bool|string}

Filters the audio player markup before display.

Returning a non-false value from this filter will short-circuit building the block markup and instead will return your custom markup prepended to the post_content.

Note that by using this filter, the custom CSS and JS files will no longer be enqueued, so you'll be responsible for either loading them yourself or loading custom ones.

Name Type Description
$markup bool | string

Audio markup to use. Defaults to false.

$content string

Content of the current post.

$_post WP_Post

The Post object.

$audio_attachment_id int

The audio attachment ID.

$audio_attachment_url string

The URL to the audio attachment file.

  • 2.2.3

Custom audio block markup. Will be prepended to the post content.

bool | string